Friday, July 12, 2013

Micah's Mimi

As Mom is scheduled to be moved to Hospice today I recalled her move from assisted living to the dementia unit in the fall of 2011. My son Micah came home to assist in that move. Later when he returned to Raleigh he wrote the following letter regarding his "Mimi."

Got a little emotional about Mimi today.  You know, yesterday I was distracted by the headache and when it comes to Mimi these days I've really put up a guard, not emotionally toward her, of course, but I have to be guarded walking into that place, or else it'd just eat me alive.  It's hard to see her there and not only her but to see all the other "Mimi's" in the room as well.  I can hardly stand to keep my eyes off the ground.

But, God comforted me today by reminding me of the good.  Of all the prayers and support Mimi offered to so many people over so many years.  So many turned to her for her grace, her faith and her love.  And while, today, she's not what she once was, I thought back to yesterday and Tiffany and the other nurse who talked so fondly of Mimi.  Even in the darkness and despair of this illness, Mimi is still touching lives with the same grace that attracted so many to her.  We both know well by now that God's timing is not of our own, it's hard for us not to question this situation, but it was very evident to me that our Almighty is still doing His work through her and for that I am grateful.

When she looked at me and told me she loved me yesterday, it was one of the most beautiful things I could have ever asked for.  Our God is merciful and gracious--slow to anger, abounding in love.  And now, as she enters her last days, we are called to pick up the torch and lead by her example in our lives.  She has taught me everything I know about grace, dignity and kindness.

I love you.

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