Friday, September 30, 2016

Writing World Update

Little Update..

Occasionally I get asked if The River Hideaway is still available & the answer is Yes. It is contracted for another two years but that may or may not be the case. The owner of the Publishing Company has been very sick & plans to be back but many things are on hold right now.

I was looking for a different publisher before this news for works that I have already completed. Many of you realize that getting traditionally published is about a 99% rejection rate. Having no name recognition makes the journey very difficult. No complaints.. That is just how it is. Knowing someone helps in any job related search. I was able to get a novel in front of a publisher that only allowed it because of a dear contact. They liked it but their finances at this time concerned them. It is a tough world for Publishers as well as authors. I appreciated their honesty.

Of course, so many people suggest self publishing & that is a good format for some people & their works, however, I would encourage any writer to research any publisher very carefully as there are a lot of shady book publishers. Some say they are traditional & the next thing you know they want $$$ from you. Be careful..Some of the self-publishing companies lure you in & the next thing you know they are charging you thousands.I certainly did not sign any great contract for The River Hideaway but I also did not fork over any of my hard-earned money to see my book in print.

I will not consider self-publishing & I mean no offense to those that have. It is just not for me.
At the end of the day this is all in God's Hands & believe it or not I am getting much better at really letting go of my desires & trusting Him.

My answer for what is a Christian & by no means do I think this is the right view for everyone. It is just my answer for my walk. I knew that to really call myself a Christian I had to seek what God wanted more than what I desired. It was not there for the majority of my life-even after a Damascus Road experience almost 40 years ago to the day. Today, though I fail at times-for the most part I am there.

Do you ever shock yourself with something you say? One day I was frustrated over book sales & I exclaimed to no I was alone.."Rather a thousand copies with You than a million without You." I realized I meant that & for most of my life & this writing adventure I would have chosen the million with the attitude that I would catch up with God on the flip side. Isn't it easy to do that in so many areas of our life? Relationships, living a lifestyle we know God did not call us too. The list goes on.

So this is an update for those that ask if The River Hideaway is still available. I do have a few copies of The River Hideaway at home if you want a signed copy. I can mail them or if you are local I can find a way to get a copy to you. Also for those of you that enjoyed The River Hideaway & want more. God bless you. The kind words from many of you are treasured. The River Hideaway touched people. Made people told me that they reflected about their faith-if they were still harboring any prejudices..Their words-not mine. To tell a story that touched people-made them think about their relationship with God.. That is the good stuff & I am deeply humbled.

One exciting thing did happen in my writing world this year. I had an article published in Optimist International Magazine about my Coach & the man who rescued from the scrap heap of this life many years ago. It is in the Summer Issue 2016.

Thank you & God bless each & every one of you.
PS For digital readers The River Hideaway is available on Kindle & Nook..…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Once again this beautiful photo was taken by my friend, Robbie Johnson.

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