Sunday, December 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty & My Solution

We can spend our time arguing about what is sin and which sin is greater than another. We can just resort to name calling if anyone dares to disagree with us. It is obvious to see how successful that is by just looking at the Duck Dynasty saga that is currently being played out.

I am a simple humble man and the only thing really unique about me is that I know Jesus Christ on an intimate basis. That is not a boast. There are enough people in the Christian/Religious community with egos so large that it would appear they don't think God can get the job done without them.

There are ministers screaming out making one sin greater than another while ignoring their sins and there are ministers who soft peddle the gospel conveniently changing it to the times in which we live. Both feel like religious behavior to me. Yuck.

I have a simple solution to all this ugliness for those that claim relationship with Jesus Christ. Each day of our life we press into the intimacy the Father desires for us and we pray...

"Father whatever it is that I believe I need in my life. Particularly the things I place in front of you. I ask you to show me and remove that idol from my life. Help me to focus on my walk and what I can do to love more, be kinder, be way less judgmental.  Let my walk encourage rather than discourage those that do not know you."

And let it begin with me. Leaving the solution in the Father's more than capable hands.

“Christians get very angry toward other Christians who sin differently than they do.” 
Author Unknown..


  1. Disclaimer.. To participate in the prayer mentioned will require brutal honesty with yourself & God..That can be a real sticking point for each of us.